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TP Lifecycle

Questro International is a specialist firm which provides a full range of transfer pricing solutions across the entire Transfer Pricing Lifecycle for a broad spectrum of transfer pricing projects. 

All of our Solutions are implemented with a clear Transfer Pricing Lifecycle perspective. The TP Lifecycle characterises where a project fits along a timeline from initial design work, through documentation and control efforts, to the inevitable interaction with tax authorities via upfront agreements, or subsequent enquiry management and conflict resolution.

Questro International is able to offer clients both individual and multi-phase projects across the entire TP Lifecycle.


During the Design Phase, Questro helps clients to identify TP relevant transactions and consider appropriate arm's length pricing models.


During the Document Phase, Questro helps clients to advise on documentation strategies and prepare deliverables.


During the Control Phase, Questro helps clients to identify risks of process failure, and recommend changes to keep your TP model on track.


During the Defend Phase, Questro helps clients to manage TP enquiries from Local Tax Authorities and negotiate settlements.

What we do best

Classic TP Solutions

Questro provides a full range of Classic Transfer Pricing Solutions across the entire Transfer Pricing Lifecycle, which are well understood by our clients and offered at attractive fee rates and/or on a fixed fee basis. 

We combine classical transfer pricing advisory work with industry specific expertise to create value and efficiencies for our clients.

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Made to Measure

Questro's business model is deliberately Partner focused, with low staff leverage ratios. This enables us to focus on the most challenging and unusual transfer pricing engagements in the market. We have a reputation for innovative yet pragmatic solutions to complex, unusual, or contentious transfer pricing issues.

We pride ourselves on being the "Advisor's Advisor" and it is no accident that almost half of our work comes via intermediaries (i.e., lawyers, tax advisors or accountants), who often come to us with non-routine problems. 

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Industry Expertise

Questro professionals have significant TP project experience across many industries.

We work extensively across the Real Estate, Financial Services, and Commercial & Industrial Products sectors. However, our Partners have a much broader industry experience to bring to the table on new mandates.

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Benchmarking & Data

With the introduction by the OECD transfer pricing documentation concept consisting of a Master File, Local Files and a Country-by-Country Report ("CbCR"), many corporates are now confronted with how to ensure compliance with these new requirements in multiple countries every year. 

At the heart of these processes are a series of annual updates required for benchmarking and other data points.

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TP Project Success Factors

We are often asked by clients what key success factors they should consider before starting a TP project? Whilst the answer will always be client and project specific, we outline below some common themes:


Compliance management

Adopt an optimised design framework to reduce risks and costs

Key TP risks

Ensure risks are clearly identified, quantified, and aligned with your risk appetite

BEPS challenges

Evaluate honestly and (if possible) proactively improve your substance profile

Tax transparency

Diligently prepare for increased disclosures on a go-forward basis

TP strategy

Establish a clear and robust TP model that everyone understands (complexity hurts)


Adopt an approach based on maximum protection for minimum cost

Risk management

Identify problems before they become issues or impact your reputation


Embed long-term sustainability into your model via monthly, quarterly, or annual controls


Define an external TP communication strategy tailored for your risk profile and objectives

Internal training

Consider how best to educate your internal stakeholders in any new TP model

Tax Authority handling

Head off contentious TP audits fast and take external advice early

Crisis management

Prepare early to avoid worst-case scenarios

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