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Questro professionals have significant TP project experience across many industries.We work extensively across the Real Estate, Financial Services, and Commercial & Industrial Products sectors. However, our Partners have a much broader industry experience to bring to the table on new mandates. From Commodities & Mining to Crypto Mining, from Entertainment & Sports to Online Gambling, and from Media to Programatic Advertising, we work in both large industrial segments and smaller niche markets. Further details and industry insights are highlighted below. Please contact us to learn more about our experience in your industry and how we can assist you.

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How Questro helps clients

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Real Estate

Investment in real estate often involves a number of investments, structured in a somewhat similar fashion. Real estate investment therefore lends itself to designing and implementing group wide transfer pricing policies for interest rates, finance companies, holding companies, profit-participating loans etc. at an early stage of making investments. The transfer pricing issues to be addressed typically include:

  • Investment advisory services
  • Interest rates on subordinated loans and associated risk premium
  • Fixed and variable interest rates on profit-participating loans
  • Margins for holding companies or finance companies
  • Fair market valuation work for intra-group transfers 
Industry Expertise Commercial Industrial Products

Commercial & Industrial Products

Companies operating in the Commercial & Industrial products space (e.g., business to business sales of precision components and machinery) form an important sub-set of Questro International’s client base.

Such companies undertake a wide variety of transfer pricing projects, however, in recent years we have seen a focus on transfer pricing projects that seek to create innovative internal transfer pricing models that create the right management incentives within the business. Typically, such clients have an established manufacturing base in Europe, a strong brand, and reputation for high quality components or machines. However, with increased competition and rapidly changing markets, they now need to navigate outsourcing production to lower cost markets, adopting a more centralised  operating model, and navigating an increasingly complex international tax and compliance landscape.   

Industry Expertise Financial Services

Financial Services

For the Financial Services industry, cross border flows are usually the rule rather than the exception, and large parts of the industry could not function without a broad international footprint that mirrors the global financial markets, positioning of competitors, and needs of their customers. Our transfer pricing professionals working in this area provide clients with full support in addressing their transfer pricing challenges, from planning and consulting work, to documentation and operational implementation (including control frameworks and policy guidelines), to audit work and defence. We support a variety of taxpayers in the financial services sector from banks, to asset managers, insurance companies, and other market participants. All of our FS TP service professionals work on designing TP models to ensure that business entities comply with domestic and international transfer pricing regulations, and avoid contentious tax disputes.

Industry insights

We are often asked by clients what elements are required to make a great TP framework? Whilst the answer will always depend on the underlying fact pattern of the client, their overall tax policy and appetite for risk, a key element should be flexibility to respond to business and industry developments.



Working within the Crypto industry presents a unique set of TP challenges. In recent months, the sharp fall in token values has resulted in the need for TP compliant business restructurings.

Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods industry is heavily focused on branded goods, complex supply chains, and low distribution margins. A strong cocktail of ingredients for fertile transfer pricing disputes.

Energy & Mining

As Energy and Mining prices rise, and governments explore windfall taxes, transfer pricing remains one of the most significant business issues within this industry.

Med Tech

Parts of the Med Tech industry were significantly impacted by COVID 19 and the resulting cancellation of routine operations. Allocations of profits/losses in such times often stimulates future TP audits.

Private Equity

Structures set up by Private Equity often involve a large number of legal entities in multiple countries. With increased compliance requirements in recent years, a pragmatic approach is needed.

Technology & Media

The fast pace of business change for Technology & Media companies creates both risks and opportunities. Often the business model moves faster than the TP model, creating clear tax audit risks.

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