Practical transfer
pricing solutions

Provided by experienced professionals

Knowledge driven & aligned for operational excellence

Experienced economists
& lawyers

European & international experience

Innovative mindset with multi-country experience

Full range of
TP solutions

Quality comes before Quantity

Clear thought leadership & industry specific solutions

Innovative IT software
for TP

We love user-friendly & time saving IT

A range of IT solutions developed in response to the OECD BEPS initiative

City centre
office locations

Multiple country coverage in-house

Network partners in 40+ countries

About Questro

Questro International is a specialist firm which provides a full range of transfer pricing solutions across the entire transfer pricing lifecycle for a broad spectrum of different types of transfer pricing projects. Through our network partners we can handle multi-jurisdiction projects and cover the related tax, legal, valuation, and accounting implications.

Questro International was founded in 2013 by experienced and internationally operating transfer pricing professionals. Our first office was opened in Zurich in October 2013. A second office in Amsterdam opened in February 2014, with further offices opened in Germany (Mannheim and Stuttgart) in February 2016 and January 2019.

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Our Credo

Questro International combines classical transfer pricing advisory work with innovative technology based solutions to create efficiencies for our clients. Our professionals have both transfer pricing as well as database solution (coding and design) experience. We believe in the power of smart IT solutions to save time for our clients and free our own professionals from the burden of internal administration, to spend more time on consulting, training, or thought leadership. Our clients seek tax professionals that are highly proficient in data analysis, statistics and technology, as well as able to run process improvement and change management projects. We are building our firm in response to this demand. 

IT Solutions for TP

A range of innovative, software based, time saving transfer pricing solutions.

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TP Solutions

A full range of transfer pricing solutions across the entire TP lifecycle.

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Economic references are needed to steer and justify your income allocation.

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Industry Solutions

Significant industry specific experience leveraged on new client engagements.

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Why Questro?

Our clients and prospective clients often ask us why they should engage Questro International. We have listed the main reasons below:

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