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With the introduction by the OECD transfer pricing documentation concept consisting of a Master File, Local Files and a Country-by-Country Report ("CbCR"), many corporates are now confronted with how to ensure compliance with these new requirements in multiple countries every year. At the heart of these processes are a series of annual updates required for benchmarking and other data points. Questro is regularly involved in large-scale documentation projects which involve the establishment and updating of a large number of benchmarks. Effective and pragmatic management of this process, whilst ensuring high quality outputs, is a key factor in mitigating future contentious local tax audits. Unfortunately, not all benchmarking is the same, and the cheapest option is often significantly more expensive in the long run.

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How Questro helps clients

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Arm's Length Range

Benchmarking is important to all transfer pricing matters as economic references are critical when steering and justifying the income allocation within a group or for a specific intercompany transaction. In many cases, benchmarking is not just a routine matter but needs careful consideration in respect of comparability, search strategy, and interpretation as well as application of results. Questro International provides a full range of benchmarking services including:

  • Operating margin and profit based benchmarks (TNMM);
  • Royalty rates for the licensing of intangibles (IP);
  • Interest rates and financial benchmarks (FS); and
  • Speciality benchmarks.
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Public Data Disclosure

A multitude of transparency initiatives, coupled with the OECD BEPS work, has moved the pendulum of public opinion towards increased public disclosure of a corporate’s tax strategy and tax profile data.

The associated risks & opportunities are dependent upon a wide range of factors, including your current TP strategy & compliance approach, the inherent risk profile of the industry and the countries in which you operate, and your current approach to tax transparency & sustainability. Questro has significant experience in helping clients manage their data disclosure requirements and consider risk mitigation strategies, from CbCR disclosures and accompanying Table 3 statements, to public statements on TP Policies.

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