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Questro's business model is deliberately Partner focused, with low staff leverage ratios. This enables us to focus on the most challenging and unusual transfer pricing engagements in the market. We have a reputation for innovative yet pragmatic solutions to complex, unusual, or contentious transfer pricing issues. We pride ourselves on being the "Advisor's Advisor" and it is no accident that almost half of our work comes via intermediaries (i.e., lawyers, tax advisors or accountants), who often come to us with non-routine problems. Our reputation for establishing Made to Measure bespoke solutions is a clear point of reputational differentiation for our firm.

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Made to Measure Unusual Projects

Unusual Projects

It is fair to say that we have worked on a number of unusual projects over the past few years. From the arm's length pricing of a chimpanzee impact offset programme in Africa, to the remuneration for a software program used by a UK betting syndicate, and the global TP model for a crypto miner. Unusual and complex issues are our speciality. However, such projects often come with specific tax or reputational risks that require careful management and a Made to Measure approach.

In recent year, increased scrutiny from tax authorities, investors, customers, employees & civil society at large has brought unprecedented attention on many TP structures. Corporates are now expected not only to comply with formal tax regulations, but also pay their “fair share” of taxes as part of their wider social responsibility.

Questro Partners develop highly customised client solutions, which are TP optimised and mitigate tax and reputational risks.

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