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Questro International has always been passionate about applying IT solutions as an integral part of its transfer pricing projects. Following our appointment as a distribution partner for Otico Software's proprietary range of time saving tax solutions, we are now able to offer our clients a range of unique IT solutions. 

Otico Software represents a unique collaboration between senior international tax & legal professionals and experienced software developers. Otico's first licensed solution, TP Controller, was developed in direct response to the OECD BEPS initiative. TP Controller enables corporates to automate and maximise efficiency in the storage, sharing, control & analysis of their global TP data and generate on a "one-click" basis their country-by-country report in the OECD approved format. To find our more about Otico Software or TP Controller please click on the logo icon below, review the product features matrix, or request a demo using the form below.  

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