Documentation & Benchmarking

Reducing the compliance burden & providing economic references

Streamlining TP Compliance

With the introduction by the OECD transfer pricing documentation concept consisting of a Master File, Local Files and a Country-by-Country Report, many corporates are now confronted with how to ensure compliance with these new requirements in multiple countries every year.

Questro is regularly involved in large-scale documentation projects where we automate a part of the process. We can offer a software solution that fully automates the generation of the Country-by-Country report as well as allowing users to generate the content for the Master File and Local Files, which can be easily automated. In addition, Questro has developed practical automation solutions, which can generate drafts of local files for completion by the relevant affiliates. Completion can then be mapped and monitored in TP Controller. The templates for the Master File and Local Files are designed by our professionals to make sure they are tailored to the needs and structure of the specific corporate.

Arm's Length Range

Benchmarking is important to all transfer pricing matters as economic references are critical when steering and justifying the income allocation within a group or for a specific intercompany transaction. In many cases, benchmarking is not just a routine matter but needs careful consideration in respect of comparability, search strategy documentation and interpretation as well as application of results. Questro International provides a full range of benchmarking services such as:

  • Operating margin benchmarks;
  • Profit mark ups;
  • Royalty rates for the licensing of intangibles;
  • Interest rates;
  • Commission rates; and
  • Value based services.

All benchmarks are performed to the requirements of the benchmarking process specified in the latest update (2017) of the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines and/or consistent with local country requirements, where applicable.